Ever wished you could see your favourite old black & white photo in colour? Wish no longer as this can be achieved with my colourising service.

To colourise a black & white photo is a digital process of building up colour tones. It really brings the photos to life! The outcome is very rewarding as it shows moments in history that have never been seen in colour (except by those who were actually there).

Simply send your image using the form below and I will get back to you straight away with a price

Simply send your scanned images for a free quote

Use the form below for a free quote on colouring your photograph, please use the brief section to let us know anything that might help us with accurate colour ie hair or eyes etc (take note of the child above we were advised that he had auburn hair).

We are constantly looking at historic images to get the right hue and colour for background images such as cars etc.


Send your files to us for a free quote. Our costs start at £50 for a portrait.

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