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Looking at vintage family photo's is always intriguing...

It’s a window back into a different time, where we can see not only people of the past, but also snippets of how life was in terms of fashion and technology. They even let us glimpse pieces of major historical events.


But for so much of photography’s history, the images could only be relayed in black and white. The world was never black and white.

You want it colour?

People seek realism in their photos. They want to capture life, not just in light and shadow, but also in full colour. “When you see something in colour, there’s definitely an immediacy. It elicits an emotional response, and people relate to it in a way they couldn’t before,”

Photos provide a unique view into the lives of our ancestors and relatives but viewing them in black and white places them at a certain distance. Viewing the same images in colour brings them to life as nothing else can. Colourized historical photos can spark interest in the past, and help us relate more personally to events and people from times gone by. It allows us to view these photographs in an entirely new way, giving us new perspectives on the people and places who made us who we are today.

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